Safety is our number one priority! We want to share some tips so that you have the most enjoyable ride.

  • Wear shoes that do not slip off your feet
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Wear sunscreen (optional)
  • Bring water (optional)
  • A rain jacket just in case
  • If you have items in your pockets, they can (and will) fall out
  • If you would like a helmet, we provide helmets or you can bring your own
  • When approaching a horse never walk up behind it, or run behind a horse
  • When around horses refrain from making loud noises (e.g. yelling)
  • When getting on a horse (Western) you mount on the left and dismount on the left
  • Follow the instructions the guide(s) tell you
  • Inform your guide with any needs or any questions

Most importantly, smile and have fun!